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HTS/Amptek industrial heating tapes are specially designed to provide efficient, economical custom heating solutions for heating small diameter tubing, pipes, hoses, laboratory reactors, pumps and other system devices. Extreme flexibility and quality construction allows each product to fit many situations and fulfill many different applications. Industrial heating tapes can provide for heat up and temperature maintenance that is very energy efficient.

Industrial heating tapes keep work environments safe and operating smoothly while precisely maintaining process temperatures. Each product is manufactured to rigorous quality standards in a vast array of sizes, watts-per-square-inch, volts and materials to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Choose from Duo, Double-Duo, Mono, Wide-Heavy, Silicone and custom designs for a flexible electric heater that meets your needs.

HTS/Amptek’s technical experts are available and happy to help you choose from a wide variety of tape designs, learn more about any product or develop a complete custom heating solution. See our standard industrial heating tape offering on the HTS/Amptek website store.

For custom applications not covered in our store, simply fill out the inquiry form or contact us via phone or email to get a quick quotation.