Wide, Heavy Insulated Duo-Tape®, Medium Watt Density
Wide, Heavy Insulated Duo-Tape®, Medium Watt Density
Wide, Heavy Insulated Duo-Tape®, Medium Watt Density
Tab1 Image DuoTape® Element
The heating element is multi-strand resistance wire, braided with AMOX™ (AWH model) or fiberglass (AIH model) yarn and knitted into the serpentine shape to minimize thermal shock and tensile stress from expansion and contraction. The side-by-side wire configuration permits the lead wires to be on one end.
Tab2 Image Heavy AMOX™ or Fiberglass Overbraid Cover
The Wide Heavy Insulated Tapes have flexible, AMOX™ or fiberglass braided sleeving over the heating element to provide additional dielectric strength for application on conductive surfaces (use directly on metal). Fiberglass tapes (AIH models) provide capability up to 900°F (482°C) and AMOX™ tapes (AWH models) to 1400°F (760°C).
Tab3 Image Molded Plug Option (120V)
Standard Wide Heavy Tapes do not include a power plug. 120V tapes (less than 10 amps) may be ordered with the optional molded plug (-MP). No power plug option is available for 240V tapes. Commercially available connectors may be installed for the customer or sourced locally. Duo-Tapes® do not utilize a grounding circuit and provide a two wire connection. For Earth Ground Leakage protection a circuit protector (30ma GFCI) is recommended. High current heating tapes (greater than 10 amps) require two sets of power leads.
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Wide, Heavy Insulated Duo-Tape®, Medium Watt Density


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    HTS/Amptek® Wide Heavy Tapes are extra width heating tapes. Fiberglass, medium watt density, Wide Heavy Tapes are for use to 900°F (482°C) AMOX™, high watt density, Wide heavy Tapes may operate to exposure temperatures of 1400°F (760°C). These Heavy Insulated Tapes use a multiple lap, side-by-side design, to provide a larger surface area where needed. All Wide Heavy Tapes may be used on metal conductive surfaces, as well as glass or ceramic. The serpentine element provides flexibility and durability. Power leads are on each end. The knitted construction, allows for flexibility and even distribution of heat and are available in 1-¼ inch to 2-½ inch widths and lengths from 2 feet to 10 feet. Wide Heavy Tapes are offered in two heat ranges and watt densities. Medium watt 8.67, or High, 13 watts per square inch of element, for the most aggressive heat response. Do not overlap this element.

    Power density: 8.67, & 13.0 w/in² (1.4, 2.0 w/cm²)
    Watts, Volts: 208W to 3120W, 120V or 240V
    Lengths: 2ft (60cm) to 12ft (360cm)
    Widths: 1¼, 2.0, or 2½ in (3.1, 5.0, or 6.2 cm)
    Heat Capability: 900°F (482°C) or 1400°F (760°C)
    Lead Wires: 24in (60cm) on one end of the tape
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