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Heating Tapes for Laboratory Use provide efficient, economical heating solutions for lab technicians for many purposes.
HTS/Amptek laboratory and industrial heating tapes are constructed of high quality materials that allow for flexibility and operation in high heat ranges up to 1400 Degrees F.
Heating Tapes are heating solutions for the following…
  • tubing
  • hoses
  • reactors
  • vacuum chambers
  • pumps & other system devices
HTS/Amptek popular Duo-Tape design, which has leadwires on one end, is a quick solution for many projects requiring for temperature regulation. HTS/Amptek heating tapes offer cost effective, modular adaptability, for a broad range of applications.
We offer a wide range of standard or custom laboratory heating tapes, with variable
  • Sizes
  • Watt Densities
  • Voltages
  • Insulating materials
To find out more about our Laboratory or Industrial electric heat tapes, receive help selecting the right tape for your project or to discuss your unique needs with an HTS/Amptek expert, call us today at 281-340-9800.