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The HTS/Amptek® heating tape and temperature control systems make controlling your heating tape installations simple and safe. A heating system performs best when it can be regulated and controlled, and with our control systems, managing and maintaining your system can be as simple or complex as needed to accurately control your heating components and tapes. Our focus on producing extremely precise temperature control systems allows all elements of your heating system to be carefully regulated, delivering consistent temperatures to achieve consistent results.

Offering power controls, temperature control panels and thermostats, our user interfaces allow precise management and adjustment of all aspects of your heating installation. Our simplest controllers are single-zone bench top (BT) controllers, which can be set to a specific temperature at any time. The controller will automatically adjust the heating equipment it controls to meet and sustain the set temperature. For those systems that require more fine-tuning, we offer many different controllers to meet nearly any temperature regulatory needs. For example, variable power controllers can adjust the voltage transferred into the system, allowing for a greater power level and higher temperature output.

The heating and temperature control systems can be as complicated as you need, and can include many different features, such as dual-digital displays, auto-tuning, programmable sensor inputs, relay alarm output, high-limit alarms, definite purpose contactors, solid state relays, data communication interface (RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, USB, etc.), ramp and soak, and heat and cool. We can also customize a temperature control system to meet your needs.

For help selecting the right temperature control products for your industrial installation, laboratory setting or other use, or to learn more about custom-designed solutions, call our experts today at 281-340-9800.