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HTS/Amptek® manufactures a wide selection of heating tapes and heating cables with thermostats for use in various industries.

What are the Benefits of a Heating Cable with Thermostat?
Precision Temperature Control: A thermostat paired with heating cable allows you to set and maintain your desired temperature with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring optimal comfort.

Energy Efficiency: Heating cables equipped with thermostats can be programmed to activate only when needed, resulting in significant energy savings compared to traditional heating methods.

Prevent Freezing and Damage: In areas prone to freezing, heating cables can be strategically placed to prevent pipes, roofs, and gutters from freezing and incurring costly damage.

Customizable Solutions: Heating cables and thermostats are available in various lengths, power levels, and configurations, providing tailored solutions for every application.
      Choosing the Right Heating Cable and Thermostat
      Wattage and Length: Select heating cables with appropriate wattage and lengths based on the area you need to heat.

      Voltage Compatibility: Ensure that the heating cable's voltage matches the electrical system's specifications for safe and efficient operation.

      Thermostat Type: Choose between manual and programmable thermostats, considering your preferences for control and energy savings.

      Heating cables with a thermostat offer an efficient, versatile, and customizable solution for maintaining the temperature in various environments.

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