Flexible Electric Heating Solutions

for the Laboratory, R&D, & Industry.

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Heating Jackets & Blankets

for Stand Alone or Complex Electric Heating Solutions

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Laboratory Heating Tapes

for Lab Apparatus, or anywhere Modular, Wrap-On Heat is needed

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Temperature Controls & Accessories

Temperature Controllers, Control Panels & Accessories

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Heating System Solutions

Unique, Custom Systems for Vacuum, Bake-Out, Thermal Expansion, and more...

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Most Popular Product... Allows leads on one end for easy wiring.

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News & Featured Products

  • HTS/Amptek® Jackets & Blankets

    HTS/Amptek® heating jackets and insulator jackets work to maintain the temperature of an object or fluid by trapping heat inside. The insulation prevents heat from escaping the system, and it can save energy or require less power to acheive and maintain an ideal temperature. CLICK HERE TO TELL ME MORE...

  • SUPER MAT with Silicone Topcoat

    HTS/Amptek® SUPER-MAT™ is a rugged, waterproof flexible insulation tape for hot surface applications. A 1mm silicone coating on one side forms a smooth clean surface laminated to the Insulation layer. A Teflon® sintering process makes the fiberglass mat insulation almost fiber free, moisture repellant and non-irritating.

    Wrap over Duo-Tape®, Tek-Rod™ and other Flexible heaters to create convenient, efficient custom heating assemblies on pipes, tanks, valves and more.

  • Duo-Tape®

    Heating Tapes featuring the Duo-Tape® design. Easy install with lead wires on one end.

  • Tubular Heating Jacket

    With form fit "spherical" top.

  • PID Controllers

    Introducing the new BBA-300 Microprocessor.