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Heating jackets and insulator jackets work to maintain the temperature of an object or fluid by trapping heat inside. The insulation prevents heat from escaping the system, and it can save energy or require less power to achieve and maintain an ideal temperature.

Heating jackets use a heating element to maintain the correct temperature. This configuration can use a multi-stranded tape-type heating element or a self-regulating cable-type element to achieve the desired temperatures to ensure that gases or fluids stay at the proper temperature. Insulator jackets, unlike heating jackets, do not use a heating element to control the temperature. Instead, the insulation itself works to maintain the temperature of whatever object or fluid the jacket surrounds.

Manufacturers, industrial plants and laboratories often need to keep a range of fluids and gases at consistent temperatures, such as water, asphalt, hydrocarbons and plastics. Heating jackets safely regulate temperatures inside plumbing or other duct work without affecting surrounding systems. Typical heating jackets and insulator jackets are available in cylindrical or flat shapes, and are perfect for heating or insulating round pipes or large, flat expanses.

Many industries and laboratories often require specially shaped pieces of plumbing, equipment and machinery that must maintain a certain temperature, as well. Our team can design a custom-built sleeve that can cover the object, fitting around irregularly sized and shaped elements and allowing the regulation of internal temperatures. Sleeved jackets for uneven surfaces are available as a thermal heating sleeve or as an insulator jacket only.

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