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HTS/Amptek® Sleeved Heating Jacket Systems fit over unusual surfaces such as Valves and Pipe Fittings

HTS/Amptek® Sleeved Heating Jacket Systems fit over unusual surfaces such as Valves and Pipe Fittings

A sleeved heating jacket is a type of insulation system that is used to maintain a desired temperature on valves or fittings to cover gaps where direct fit cannot be achieved. It typically consists of a rigid sleeve made of formed stainless Steel, that wraps around the pipe or fitting and is secured with fasteners or adhesive. A Flexible Electric Heating Jacket then fits over the smooth sleeve to heat the Stainless Sleeve and create “oven effect” over the uneven surface.

Sleeved Heating Jackets are designed to provide uniform and controlled heat to the valve, pipe or fittings to prevent freezing, condensation, or temperature loss in the fluid or gas flowing through the system. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where maintaining a consistent temperature is critical for the proper functioning of the process or equipment.

In addition to the heating elements, sleeved heating jackets also include insulation layers to further enhance thermal performance and reduce heat loss. Insulation materials such as fiberglass or mineral wool is used to incapsulate valve, pipe or fittings, to improve energy efficiency and minimize heat loss. 

Sleeved heating jackets for pipes and fittings are available in various sizes, shapes, and temperature ranges to suit different applications. They require temperature controllers, sensors, and safety features to ensure accurate, reliable, and safe operation.

Overall, sleeved heating jackets are an effective solution for maintaining the desired to prevent issues associated with temperature fluctuations and improving the efficiency of industrial and commercial processes. However, proper installation and usage in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and industry standards are essential to ensure safe and reliable performance. Consult with your HTS/Amptek® sales engineer for design solutions, and controller recommendations. HTS/Amptek® is a complete systems source for Sleeved Heating Jacket product design and control.