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To properly install a Heating Tape, whether a Duo-Tape® on a pipe valve or fitting any electric heater, you will need Accessories. Typically, GT-108 Adhesive Tape and or RTV Silicone to hold the heater in place and Insulation over the top are a must. In addition, for wiring configurations in a hot environment, Nickel Crimp Connectors and Lead Wire can be helpful. For the Crimps we recommend the T&B® Crimp Tool for the proper depression of the tube on the wire strands. Remember, every system of electric heaters needs a Temperature Controller. HTS/Amptek® offers a complete line of Controllers.

Featured Accessory Parts:

  • 100% A-Nickel Crimp Barrels
  • Sleeving Wrap ½” & 1” 900°F Fiberglass
  • Sleeving Wrap ½” & 1” 1400°F AMOX™
  • Insulation Tape, 1” & 2”
  • Hi Temperature Lead Wire
  • F/G Adhesive Tape 500°F
  • RTV Silicone

If you don’t see it, call us. If we cannot supply what you need, we will point you in the right direction!