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Custom Insulated Heating Jackets for Industrial and Laboratory use may be built small or large in many different geometries. All of our products are custom fabricated using a double stitch technique to build soft but durable covers.
Preformed – Not Flat
HTS/Amptek’s® Heating Jackets are designed and fabricated into a preformed shape that will easily fit the object. This is opposed to flat designs which fold up and “pucker” resisting closure and leaving air-gaps.
Process Temperature Maintenance
Material Choices of Teflon®, Silicone and Fiberglass
• All Common Voltages
Built in Thermocouples or RTD Sensors
Heat Traced Jackets may be used in Outdoor Environment
For heating tapes, pipe heaters, electric heaters and temperature controllers, turn to the brand trusted by petrochemical, aerospace, hot-melt transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – turn to HTS/Amptek®.
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