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HTS/Amptek® Wide Heavy Heating Tapes are for use in laboratory and Industrial locations where vessels and chambers need more area coverage. Having the same durable construction as Laboratory Duo-Tapes and Mono-Tapes™ they are wider to cover more area with a single circuit. These high, and medium Watt Density Heating Tapes are made for exposure of temperatures up to 1400˚F (760˚C).
Wide Heavy Insulated Tapes may be used on metal conductive surfaces, glass and ceramic. Standard available sizes are 1-1/4 inch to 2-1/2”inch widths and lengths from 2 feet to 10 feet. High watt density tapes produce 13 watts per square inch of element, while medium watt density tapes yield 8.67 watts per square inch of element.
Durable Element: Knitted, multi-strand Element construction is the most durable, high temperature flexible heater available. The serpentine shape minimizes thermal shock and tensile stress from expansion and contraction.
Protective overbraid exterior: The outer cover of braided AMOX™ (AWH model) or fiberglass (AIH model) yarn provides a soft flexible dielectric barrier that allows the Wide Heavy Tape to be wrapped around tubing and vessels smoothly, without effort.
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