Configurations are Bench-Top (BT) or Wall Mount (WM) arrangements. Let HTS/Amptek® help configure the ideal controller for you. Most heating solutions are easily solved with the standard available units. However, enhanced features such as communications, ELCI circuit interrupters, and many others can boost the application performance, monitoring and ease of use.

Features and Specifications

Configuration: Wall or Bench-Top Console
Enclosure: Indoor, Metal, powder coated NEMA 1
Supply Power Connectivity: 120V, 240V Single Phase Power Cordset
Supply Voltage: See above, Special Low Voltage DC availabe
Circuit Quantity: 1, either Process or Process Limit
PID Logic: On-Off, Autotune PID, Special Ramp and Soak
Power Switching: SSR, Solid State Relay, Mechanical Relay Limit
Communications: Special USB, rs485, rs232, or 4 - 20 loop
Sensors: All Common Thermocouples or RTD
Power & Sensor Distribution: Receptacles, Panel Mount or Pre-wired
Custom Designs: Contact HTS/Amptek®


Rugged Chassis Construction, Durable Components
Powder Coated steel used for Bench-Top and Wall Mount enclosures gives maximum durability. Components such as the SSRs are oversized to prevent duty-cycle failures.

Special Features for Communication, Timing and Ground Fault Protection
Component flexibility, such as enhanced PID modules can add a communication feature. Timers or Variable Voltage features may be added to solve prosses requirements. GFEC circuit interrupters can prevent harm to the operator and equipment by detecting a heater problem early.

Power and Sensor Extension Cables
Extension Cables are often the best solution to provide convenient hook-up when the Heater power and sensor leads are too short. Custom cables can be fabricated with Flex Conduit or SS Flex Armor for durability.

Contact: HTS/Amptek®
If you need something and don’t see it, call or email your questions. If we cannot do it, we will try to direct you to a resource that can. Click the quote button for a convenient form to help us with the size and scope of your application.