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HTS/Amptek® Company, manufactures and have offered Removable Insulated Heating Jackets worldwide since 1985. Removable Insulated Heating Jackets are a convenient way to provide easy access to vessels, pipes, valves, instruments or any device that has to be inspected, removed or visually monitored.  

Insulated Heating Jackets can be built to any size and shaped to any geometries needed. With their double stitch technique to build soft but durable cover.

Materials of construction depend upon the temperature and environment of use. HTS/Amptek® manufactures custom insulation jackets for heat protect and freeze protection. All of our Jackets are preformed, not flat. The jacket is designed and fabricated to easily fit the object.  

Environment Insulation Jackets can be used

  • Vinyl & Foam – Outdoor
  • Fiberglass, Silica & Ceramic – Dry Indoor 

Closure Options 

  • Velcro® Flaps
  • D-Ring Straps
  • Polywebbing Straps
  • Delryn Clips
  • Snaps
  • Lacing Eyes
  • Lacing Hooks 

For Electric Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets and Heating Tapes, and Control Systems, turn to the brand trusted by petrochemical, aerospace, plastics extrusion melt-pipe transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – trust HTS/Amptek® Company.