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Custom Designed Surface Heating Blankets offer an efficient way to apply heat to large areas.
Our products use low watt density to provide efficient direct heat transfer. HTS/Amptek® custom creates these heating blankets using advanced technical techniques and premium materials.
Flat Heating Blankets are ideal for use on the following.
• uninterrupted flat surfaces
cylinder shapes
• cone shapes
With a thickness of approximately ¼ inch, the Heating Blanket may supply the heat and external insulation may be applied over top.
HTS/Amptek® constructs their heating blankets of Safe Fiberglass fabrics with Teflon® or Silicone to provide durability and moisture protection. Our products feature Velcro® flaps, D-ring straps, eyelets or lacing hooks closures
For heating tapes, pipe heaters, electric heaters and temperature controllers, turn to the brand trusted by petrochemical, aerospace, hot-melt transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – turn to HTS/Amptek®.