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HTS/Amptek Company, located in Stafford Texas, is a manufacturer that has been providing flexible electric heater and temperature control solutions for more than 35 years.
Our international company and its dedicated employees work hard to design and deliver superior electric heating tape and temperature control equipment to our customers. Our electric heating products have been used in different industries and laboratories, from university to aerospace engineering.
Industries HTS/Amptek has helped
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Medical Research
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Plastics and Petrochemical
  • Clean Air Monitoring
  • Manufacturing
From resistance wire and heating tapes to heating blankets & jackets to temperature controls, our engineering and sales professionals will direct you to the best products that are available. We work with you from design through manufacture, system integration and delivery.
For Electric Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets and Heating Tapes, and Control Systems, turn to the brand trusted by petrochemical, aerospace, hot-melt transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – trust HTS/Amptek Company.