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Industrial Heating Tapes are for exceeding heating capabilities of standard heating cables or tapes. HTS/Amptek’s® product have the ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 1400˚F/760˚C. Buy online our standard industrial .5” – 1” wide heating tapes. Our heating tapes can be customized by watts, volts and length according to your needs.

Constructed of multiple strand, nickel alloy conductor(s) knitted and covered in AMOX™ Fiberglass Heavy Insulation, the industrial heavy heating tapes are extremely durable at both 120 or 240 volts. The flexibility and high-quality construction of the heating tape allows it to perform in diverse situations and different applications.

For Electric Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets and Heating Tapes, and Temperature Control Systems, turn to the brand trusted by Petrochemical, Aerospace, plastics extrusion melt-pipe transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – trust HTS/Amptek® Company. Call us today at 281-340-9800.