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PID Temperature Controllers offered by HTS/Amptek provide maximum ease of use with excellent accuracy. These 1/16 DIN Temperature Controllers are ready to be customized with easy to understand menus. Orders can be placed for temp controllers to be with or without sensors included.
HTS/Amptek offers PID Temperature Programmable Controller components with a variety of configurations.
Process Control SSR Logic Output BBA-200
Process or Limit 10A Relay Output BBA-20R
Process Control SSR + Relay Out + Ramp + rs485
Specialty Components
Solid State Relays
Thermocouple Sensors
RTD Sensors
Additional parts such as fuses, circuit breakers, cord sets, etc. to meet your custom assembly requirements.
Temperature range may be set in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with 1˚ or 0.1˚ resolution. Auto-tuning provides simple easy operation. However, advanced functions may be selected for custom settings such as Proportional, Integral and Derivative values as well as other variables.
To find out more about our PID Programmable Controllers, receive help selecting the right controller for your project or to discuss your unique needs with an HTS/Amptek engineer, call us today at 281-340-9800.