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Protect your pipeline with HTS/Amptek® Heat Traced Pipeline Viscosity Control. If your system requires regular maintenance, removable Heat Traced or Insulated Jackets will add convenience and save money.

HTS/Amptek® Custom Heating Jackets and Blankets come with variable features that can be applied to any shape or requirements. Some of our special features are:

Jacket Sizes: From as small as ¾ inch diameter for pipes and fittings to jackets 36 inches or larger, which are designed in modular segments for ease of handling.

Outdoor Service: Our Heat Traced or Insulated products may be manufactured for outdoor environments.

All of our custom products are easily removed and reinstalled when necessary. For Electric Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets and Heating Tapes, and Control Systems, turn to the brand trusted by petrochemical, aerospace, plastics extrusion melt-pipe transfer and clean air monitoring companies large and small – trust HTS/Amptek® Company. Call us today at 281-340-9800.