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Metal sheath Tek-Rod™ heating elements are available from stock. Three standard lengths in 120V and three lengths in 240V having 13 watts/in2 watt density are ideal for industrial and laboratory applications. The Tek-Rod™ (epoxy) seal is moisture proof to 325°F to keep the element dry. The Incoloy 825 sheath provides resistance to corrosion, strength and the ultimate temperature sustainability.

Element construction begins with twin elements, compacted in Magne-sium Oxide (MGO) Leads and Transition on one end Unlike other "rod" type elements, HTS/Amptek® Tek-Rod™ tubular heaters are small diameter, with the lead wire transition on one end of the assembly for easy hook-up. Soft annealed for easy bending Tek-Rod™ can be easily configured to valves tubes and vessels. The minimum bend radius 1/2 (12mm). Smooth tip (no enlarged diameter end cap) The end termination is isolated and welded closed in a smooth, non-intrusive radius. Moisture Proof Tek-Rod™ structures are entirely enclosed and dry, with the single opening epoxy sealed to keep moisture out. The two conductor resistance wires are designed for ohm stability and durable flexibility...10 1000°F, with exposure to 1,382F (750°C). 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft 120v, 12ft and 16ft 240v. HTS/Amptek® Tek-Rod™ are proudly manufactured in North America and assembled in Texas.